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Starry Nights 3.76 ctw. Round Diamond and White Gold Fashion Ring – bbr777

Center Diamond Not Included

Starry Nights Round Diamond and White Gold Fashion Ring

  • starry nights round diamond white gold fashion ring
  • round diamond and white gold fashion ring
  • starry nights round diamond white gold fashion ring bbr777
  • diamond fashion ring on the hand
  • starry nights 3.76 ctw round diamond and white gold fashion ring

Starry Nights 3.76 ctw. Round Diamond and White Gold Fashion Ring – bbr777 laying down video

$6700.00 (14k Gold)

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Available Metals:

18K Gold

Gold Options:

White, Yellow, and Rose Gold
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Center Stone Options to Save Money

A center diamond is typically what people want, but they can be expensive, so we'd like to put some more options out there that you may not of thought about.

Alternative to Diamonds

Lustour Stone: The Lustour stone is perhaps the best alternative to a diamond. No other diamond simulate can match the diamond's natural brilliance, sparkle and fire like the Lustour. In fact, it's so hard to tell the difference, it would take a microscope and a very trained eye.

They always come with a triple excellent cut, F-G color, and VS2-SI1 extremely eye clean clarity, and are available in almost any shape. The best part, it costs substantially less than a diamond of comparable size at $800 a ct. No one will know your center stone is not a diamond. It's that nice.

White Sapphire: Sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds. When cut perfectly they look amazing, and could pass for a diamond with an amazing cut. Cut is everything when choosing a white sapphire to emulate a diamond. You can go much higher in carat weight and save thousands.

Colored Gemstones: We used to sell only to jewelry stores and wholesalers, but since we started selling directly to the general public we were astonished by how many people wanted a sapphire or other colored gemstone as an alternative to a center diamond. Again, they look amazing especially with the high quality side diamonds we put in each ring. The color really pops, and it gets noticed.

Moissanite: There are many qualities of moissanite. You need to use top quality moissanite. Lower quality will look as cheap as a cubic zirconia. Top quality moissanite costs around $700 to $1000 / ct. The reflective properties are pretty close to a diamond, and they have a nice sparkle. Second only to Lustour Stone.

Cubic Zirconia: Typical cubic zirconia would have a hard time passing as a diamond, but there's such a thing called AAA Cubic Zirconia, and they look leaps and bounds better than any lower grade CZ. Typically costing around $50 to $150 for a 1 carat stone.

If the funds are little tight, don't wait to propose! There's no need to. Using one of the options above, you can literally save thousands, and your diamond engagement ring will look amazing. Especially if you go with the Lustour Stone or Moissanite. Go with what you can afford, right now at this moment, and if you decide to purchase a diamond later, after you've had time to save for the perfect one, come back and we'll help you get the best deal possible.

Call and talk to us about the options above. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you decide a diamond alternative is for you, we'll even do the searching for you to find the best deal we can.


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Product Description:

This is a gorgeous prong and channel set diamond upscale ring. 7/8 of an inch long and weights over 9 1/2 grams! All diamonds are VS2 / SI1 100% eye clean clarity, bright white G/H in color, and cut with the utmost professional care to give an amazing brilliance and sparkle with every turn of the ring.

Please Note: The video above states 3.79 ctw., but it's actually 3.76 ctw.

Engagement Ring Specifics: Ordering Specifics:
Carat Weight: 3.76 cts. Shipping Time:
Color: G-H Shipping Cost:
Clarity: VS2 – SI1 Resizing (if needed)
Accent Diamond Shape(s): Round Sales Tax
Metal: Available in: Ring Box:
14K Gold, 18K Gold, Palladium or Platinum Condition: