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Engagement Ring Layaway Plan

The LayAway Plan is available on our entire selection of Engagement Rings!

Engagement Ring Layaway Plan

Due to the rising cost of gold, palladium, and platinum the price of our unique diamond rings could go up, and usually unexpectedly.

This is a great reason to put your ring on layaway if you can’t afford the price all at once. The layaway plan locks in your price and prevents it from going up. The engagement ring layaway plan is better than financing, especially if you have bad credit, because you will not be charged any finance charges and you can take up to 180 days to pay! At BloomingBeautyRing.com we are committed to making your purchase of an engagement ring easy & affordable.

0% interest engagement ring financing

The Interest Free Lay-Away Plan Details Includes:

  • Start The Plan With Just A 25% Down Payment
  • Take Up To 180 Days To Pay For Your Engagement Ring Once You Have Made Your 25% Down Payment.
  • Additional Payments Can Be Made Any Time In The 180 Days & For Any Amount!
  • Enjoy No Interest & No Additional Charges While On The Plan. Enjoy Extremely Low Prices & Greater Flexibility!
  • Our guaranteed 30 day money back return policy applies to you, as well, when you receive your ring.
  • There are no application fees, no credit checks.
  • We can be pretty flexible on your individual needs just talk to us.
  • Call us at (213) 222-8868 set up your plan. All it takes is 10 minutes of your time!

Before you start your layaway plan, there’s a few things you should know.

  • Refunds

    Because we incur expenses when we set aside your lay-away item for up to 180 days, and offer very flexible terms, including no finance charges, no application fees, and no credit check, 10% of the initial 25% down payment is not refundable. However once paid in full, and you receive your order, you are still entitled to our 30 day money back guarantee, minus the 10% fee of the initial 25%.

  • Your balance needs to be paid off within 180 days.

    If this is going to be a problem, please call. We can be flexible, to a point, and will do our best to work with you.

  • Loose diamonds can NOT be placed on layaway by themselves.

    They must be accompanied by an engagement ring. We can not ensure the diamond you wanted in your engagement ring will be available when you pay off your layaway plan. However, if that is the case, we will do our best to find you a comparable diamond.

  • If you change your mind and want a different item…

    We do understand that you may change your mind on the style or selection of your engagement ring. Therefor we do allow you to choose a different item of equal or greater value than your original selection, and all payments can be applied to the new item.

  • If you’re confused about any of our terms…

    We encourage you to give us a call. We’ll be happy to explain in more detail if you need it.

Why should you use the Lay-Away Plan?

  • Although our engagement rings are affordable, you may not have the money at the time.

    Instead of saving up and hoping the ring you’re absolutely in love with will still be here (our unique engagement rings are always changing), you could put it on layaway and make sure the ring you want will be there for you when you do have the money.

  • The price of precious metals change quite frequently.

    Gold one month could be in your budget, but next month it could make the cost of the engagement ring you’re hoping for go up 5% – 20% taking the ring out of your comfortable price range. If you begin a layaway payment plan with us, we will set aside and hold the gold / palladium / platinum needed to create your ring; effectively locking in the price.

  • Layaway Programs help you pay ONLY what the ring costs.

    Layaway Plans are often used because your credit may not be that great, and even if it is great, by the time you finish paying off the loan / credit card the interest rates could of doubled the price of your original purchase price. Credit Cards and Loans can really make a dent in your wallet. Using a Layaway plan you side step all the finance charges, as we do not charge any, and, in the end, you only pay the original price. In many ways it’s a very sensible way to go about paying for items.

Price never changes on our layaway plan.

Your price will lock once you put your engagement ring on layaway. No matter how high the price may go up due to higher metal or diamond costs.