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Blooming Rose Engagement Ring Collection

The Blooming Rose Engagement Ring Collection are rose flower rings designed slightly different from our Blooming Beauty Rings and Lotus Flower Rings collection. Specifically the lower band. These designer rings are art carved using various methods, such as: raised metal embossing, decorative symbolism, etched carving, and many more imaginative styles. All artistically surrounded by various pave and micro-pave diamonds.

It’s no surprise these engagement rings, on the upper half, take the appearance of a blooming rose. Each petal outlined in intrinsic milgrain detailing. Encasing an overwhelming amount of top of line, brilliant pave diamonds.

We know you’ll love them. Be sure to watch the movies, as the pictures hardly show the true beauty of these gorgeous rose flower rings.

Although the selection is small at the moment, we will be adding more and more beautiful and imaginative designs to this collection. Also note that every ring you see here and on our site can be customized to suit your exact taste. This includes design and color of metal.

Here’s a quick movie showing all the Blooming Rose Rings.

Large Yellow Gold Crimson Rose Diamond Engagement Ring

Here’s another quick look at all the Blooming Rose Rings on the Finger.

BBR 434-En Set

Made Especially For You

Upon receiving your order, each piece is custom made exactly how you want it.  Settings are available in our standard designs shown above, or you may choose to customize them to whatever your heart desires.  Additional options include all ring sizes, and most precious metals including Platinum, Palladium, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold, and 18k Yellow Gold. Rose Gold and 2-Tone Gold Options are also available upon special request.

Don’t Pay a Designer Price to Get a Designer Setting

Although we work very hard to create the highest quality, unique designer settings in the industry, we believe it’s important to keep them affordable for our customers.  Compare the superior quality and low price of our unique designer settings to the competition, and we are confident that you will see the difference.

Quality That You Can See

Only High Quality Diamonds (Adhering To GIA Grading Standards)

Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted by our skilled jewelers using the utmost precision and care, while still paying close attention to the artistry of the ring. You can be rest assured that our jewelers will create a “family heirloom” quality ring for you, as if it were our own.