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What is Rose Gold?

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

It's referred to as rose gold because of the pinkish color of the metal. The reason for this “pinkish” color is due to the presence of copper that was mixed in with the yellow gold; hence rose gold is not a pure form of gold but an alloy. Interestingly enough, rose gold has the same amount of gold in it as 18K gold, and can be used in creating any kind of jewelry including rose gold engagement rings.

Interesting Fact:

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Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring Video

Most people are aware of the fact that “Gold” is a yellow colored metal and that much of the jewelry made from gold, is either yellow gold or white gold. (White Gold is just yellow gold that has had a “treatment” performed on it that essentially “coats” the yellow gold in a rare white substance called Rhodium) So basically “white gold engagement rings” are just Rhodium Plated Yellow Gold engagement rings.

What’s nice about Rose Gold is that it does not require rhodium plating, so you won’t have to worry about the dirty white gold look when the rhodium plating wears off (which requires you to send it back to get it re-rhodium plated), and the gold will never revert back to it’s original yellow color.

A Little History on Rose Gold

A lot of people are generally unaware of the fact that gold is now available in several different color shades. One of the most significant and highly used gold types is Rose Gold. It is widely used in the jewelry making and is preferred by a lot of people because of its unique and beautiful rich color. Rose gold jewelry stands out among the rest and thus, is becoming more popular with each passing day.

The first use of Rose Gold in jewelry is noted to be in Russia over two centuries ago. It was around 1800 AD when Russians began using rose gold in jewelry production. Due to its extensive use all around Russia, it was once widely referred to as “Russian Gold”. However as trends changed in Russia and they stopped using Rose Gold as jewelry, the gold lost its “name-link” with Russia and became famous in the world with the name of “Rose Gold”.

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Purity of Rose Gold

Rose Gold is no different than than yellow or white gold when it comes to purity. Pure 24k gold is much too soft to be used as casual jewelry. That is why other metals like Silver, Copper, Nickel, Palladium or Zinc is added to pure gold to make it more durable. It should be noted that in some parts of the world, 22k and 24k gold is used to make jewelry. However  22k and 24k is much to soft to use for an engagement ring. That is why you will only find 10k, 14k and 18k gold used for engagement rings.

The Different Colors of Rose Gold

Red Gold

Red Gold is nearly:

  • 75% Gold
  • 25% Copper

This gives the gold a dark orange-red color.

Real Rose Gold

Real Rose Gold is:

  • 75% Gold
  • 22.5% Copper
  • 2.5% Silver

Due to the slight touch of silver, rose gold is lighter in color than Red gold.

Pink Gold

Pink Gold which is:

  • 75% Gold
  • 20% Copper
  • 5% Silver

Much lighter in color than the rose gold and red gold.

Rose Gold Explodes in Popularity

Cartier was the first company to bring Rose Gold to worldwide fame. They did so by creating the Cartier Trinity Ring, also known as Trinity de Cartier. The ring had yellow gold, rose gold and white gold mixed to form a design and that’s where it became internationally famous. Jean Cocteau, a French filmmaker further popularized it by wearing two Trinity Cartier rings.

After the mid 1920’s Rose Gold began appearing in various forms of jewelry, but it disappeared in the designs by the end of 20th century. At the advent of 21st century, jewelry designers were looking for new jewelry designs and a major spike was seen in the demand of Rose Gold. Since then and for the last decade, Rose Gold has been trending upward in the market and almost all famous jewelry designers are offering it in their jewelry collections.

Modified 6 Prong Cathedral Pink Gold Split Band Diamond Ring

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Rose Gold and Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Rose gold has the ability to change its color with time. Since the copper portion of “Rose Gold” can begin to darken, this can have a tendency to change the color of Rose Gold into more of a “Red Gold”. Due to this distinguishing feature, Rose Gold jewelry gives an impression of a “vintage or antique” piece and thus increases its exquisiteness even further. This feature of Rose Gold makes it one of the most coveted types of all gold jewelry.

Rose Gold Is Beautiful On It's Own, Or In Combination With Other Gold Colors

As Cartier showed the world, when Rose Gold is used in combination with White Gold, the results can be stunning! The magnificence of the design seems almost too beautiful to wear. Take a look at the rose and white gold flower ring videos below.

The Art Carved Blooming Flower Ring with Rose Gold Petals

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An Important Note: When buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring, consider having the Prongs made from White Gold, Palladium, or Platinum. This will help maintain a whiter look to your diamond.

Rose Gold is a trend that will never go out of Style

The new fashion / jewelry trends are all about Rose Gold, but don’t let that mislead you. Rose Gold as been trending ever since they figured out how to add copper to gold, and worn by those who wish to set themselves apart from the majority.

If you’re thinking about buying a Rose Gold engagement ring, don’t be afraid to go ahead and do it. Not only will you have a very unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, but you will also be part of a very long tradition of exquisite personal style. Remember that rose gold engagement rings only become more beautiful as time goes on.  A high quality Rose Gold engagement ring from BloomingBeautyRing.com will ensure a heirloom quality piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for a lifetime, and can pass down to future generations .

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